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Stuck in US Airspace

December 7th, 2010

‘We are # 28 in line to take off’. Those are the words one loves to hear from the captain. La Guardia had only 1 runway working (perhaps the other was on tea-break). And then, when around #4 in line, a further delay is announced, due to excessive cross-winds.

I’ll miss my connection. Another day lost.

This flight is 3.49 hours….the delay is almost 2 hours. That’s a flight of almost 6 hours. And I see they’re charging for every scrap and snack of food and drink. You have got to be kidding…..minutes pass,,,

Don’t you just love flying.

I was in New York to attend the Great New York Dental show. Hadn’t been there for 3-4 years. Such a pleasure to be back in the Big Apple. I have lived in the city – actually rented an apartment not far from the World Trade Centre when it was being erected. One can’t NOT admire the place. You get everything there, whether you want it or not.

The expo was –in my humble opinion – mish-mash. That calls for bullets (now, where’s that button on the keyboard…)

• Some wonderful stands, with panache, flair, attractive colours, welcoming images, keen sales people. Others were, to put it mildly, totally resistant to attraction. ‘We need your visit like a hole in the head’ , they seemed to be screaming.

• There were some very large stands. Colgate is always up there, Ultradent, Dentsply, NSK, Schein to name a few (this is hopefully a clever way to gain kick-backs). And then there a multitude of mini-stands, many of whom really had nothing to show or say.

• I was impressed with some of the stands (booths for you speakers of US-English) that ran workshops or showed actual procedures. They appeared to be well-attended. In addition to the many lectures being given in the programme. It is a reminder that most exhibitions in the USA are combined quite successfully with educational programmes, whereas, at least in Europe, the two are often clearly separated. There, conferences have limited displays of trade exhibits, and some exhibitions are purely trade.

• Another eye-opener for me was the

……………ok, the trolley almost reached me. 2 rows ahead of me, the (poor) stewardess announces that ‘this is the last of the food – 1 box of Pringles’. And she’s still charging for it! (This is United, for those of you who want to join my disgust at this treatment).
I close my eyes and imagine a riot. In my most gentle English accent, I ask why, for a flight of almost 6 hours, we’re being charged. The robot answers ‘Sorry – the scheduled flight….it’s not our fault…bad weather…company policy’.
Gimme strength.

Then Miss Proops in front of me gets herself involved . She’s very tall, very slim, keeps getting up and either stretching, or getting something from the luggage compartment, showing her violent tattoo on my face. Can you believe it…she starts protecting the stewardess and the captain. Well, I quietly put her in her place. Doesn’t she realise that, up here at 30,000 feet, the captain’s in charge, and he had the chance to gain a lot of kudos by at least not charging for the food and at least ensuring the food is shared. Would have been fun getting the passengers’ support and involvement.
I reluctantly place my credit card back in its wallet, and sip on my free can of Coke (having rejected the $6 mini-bottle of rum).

So, where was I? Oh, forget about the stands. More important that the DTI lounge was a great place to escape the milling crowds and get some decent attention. Great cheese, Torsten.

Smile – Promote your dentist.

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Millions of bloggers out there…

November 24th, 2010

For you it’s no big deal. But for me, this is a mighty plunge. I’ve tried to avoid and resist all these new-fangled e-things. Facebook-shmacebook – Twitter-shmitter. And now here I am, a dental blogger.

CV: I’m 46 years in dentals sales, specialising in marketing US products overseas. I’m 49 years old – a mystery to many. I am English, yet I live in Israel. Why? I fell in love with an Israeli lady (don’t we all).

In 1984, we moved from UK to Israel.

My territory is primarily Europe, so when I report on exhibitions etc., it is a limited subject.
But as president of the DBU (‘Dental Buddies of the Universe’ for you lesser-informed), I have good contact to the wider dental world. And in earlier days, I did ‘handle’ other areas. With your permission, I shall occasionally digress and land somewhere else…

I hope to keep you interested.

Writing this just after attending Swedental in Gothenburg.

This is fate, for it was here in Gothenburg that the DBU was officially launched, during the FDI meeting in 1993. Those interested in knowing more about the DBU or perhaps seeing what today’s salespersons looked like 17 years ago, can check out the website – Do not contact me directly. I would not be able to handle the massive influx…

I’m starting this blog with IDAN, the Israeli expo which ended Thursday, Nov 18. Conveniently for us exhibitors, Israeli meetings are midweek, so some of crazy ones were persuaded to rush off to attend Swedental.

The weather in Tel Aviv was wonderful – 30C – as opposed to the 0C that greeted me in Sweden.

It was a good expo; well-attended. IDAN is held every 2 years, but they have a lot of smaller expos and conferences in Israel, all usually well-attended. It’s a sign that the Israeli market remains vibrant. Some big stands, several with substantial seating areas and professional coffee service – a new trend.

As in other Middle East and eastern European markets, over-the-counter sales are permitted. That always attracts the crowds.

The expo grounds share the local railway station with Tel Aviv University. At 1.30 pm, my wife, Aviva, met me with my suitcase. I re-packed outside the station, and within 20 minutes, was at the airport for my flight via Frankfurt to Gothenburg. I arrived at my Swedish hotel at midnight.

The only news from the trip – I had to tell the Frankfurt security guard that his ‘service’ was perhaps the ‘nicest’ I’ve ever experienced. I have hip and knee implants, which set off the alarms. So I ALWAYS have to be ‘patted down’. This guy had a real sense of humour…

Which reminds me….You all know the Sydney Opera House? Well, take a step forward and bow. For it hosted the FDI grand opening in September 1973 before any opera was officially performed there. President of the Congress was leading dentist, local politician and father of 4 wonderful girls, Dr. Derek Freeman. I was his special guest, driven to the reception in his ’38 Mercedes. Derek and his lovely wife, Phyllis are still alive and well and living in Potts Point in Sydney. Look them up when you’re next there.

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