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Dinner in Herzlia

December 21st, 2010

This is such a small world, this dental one, especially when you’ve been swimming in it for as long as I have.

Had a dinner last week at a great restaurant next to Herzlia Marina in Israel. (Just a note that seafronts in the Middle East have been severely battered by violent storms over the last 2 weeks. Many casualties, some fatal. The damage can be seen everywhere. This bamboo wall is supposed to be erect and in order…

Our host was Ido Strauss, from the Israeli dental diamond manufacturer, accompanied by gentlemen from his Israeli and US sales staff. Next, Michael Grant, one of the international dental world’s colourful characters – and Dental Buddy. He’s an Englishman, currently living in Philadelphia, but spending much of his time in the Far East. He works closely with DMG, and also with Henry Schein as international advisor. He was in Israel to accompany Prof. Joel Berg, head of Paediatrics in Seattle, who gave a lecture here, organised by the Israel Paediatric Association.

Also present at the dinner was Herb Wolfe and his son, George, both from DMG, USA.

So, what’s the big deal? Well, in this little dental world, when you scratch the surface of so slightly, you just crash into friends…Herb was part of the Sultan group, which not so long ago became part of Dentsply. Before that, back in the early 70s, he was with Star Dental – and so was I! Well, I worked with that terrific company, Robert H. Sittig Associates, Inc., at the time the World’s leading dental export agent.

Herb and I share so many memories and friends, current and past.

And Star produced diamonds….that brought the Strauss guys back into the conversation.

We claimed that Star were the first to introduce different diamond bur grits. They used them in  sets of diamonds for special techniques: the Auto-Magics was one that I sold everywhere.

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