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Scandefa – Party-time!

May 7th, 2013

First, a reminder of the terrific Bella Sky hotel and conference centre in Copenhagen, venue of the Scandefa conference and exhibition.

Yes, it’s big – the largest hotel in Scandinavia, and breakfast can be a bit of a madhouse, but this is a very special place, with clever ideas in every corner.

And certainly a lovely place to host Scandefa.

But, as you will see Scandefa is just 1 big excuse for having fun – perhaps to wash away the tears of stagnation…

One evening, I was entertained by the lovely people from the Swedish Nordenta company, who had an evening out at the Hereford Steakhouse with some of their customers from across the water.

After all of us devouring first-class cuts, some of us indulged in the glamorous and naughty desserts. Dr. … unfortunately overlooked that his choice contained raisons, something that he (and I) hate. That’s HATE, by the way. These are they – and this is what he ordered…

Louise, the sales & marketing manager, says she loves the things. He couldn’t believe it. Bet her Kr. 200 that she wouldn’t eat HIS HORRIBLE RAISINS.

So she did…

At the exhibition itself, you would think that the wildlife was left outside. Don’t you believe it! It was one party after another, from stand to stand. The least you were offered were nuts, chocs and coffee. But the norm was a decent glass of wine or beer.

Then it had to be cleared away. For tomorrow’s another day.

Smile – Promote your dentist.

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