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Ruth Falcon

December 9th, 2010

I spent 1 year in NYC in 1966-7 as part of my 3-year apprenticeship in the dental world. My life was work, tennis in Central Park and opera. It was the Met’s 1st season at Lincoln Centre. Tickets were tough to come by in those days – and I was earning peanuts. I soon became one of the original ‘Official Met Standees’. We went on line every weekend, sometimes for 2 days, to buy standing-room-tickets at midday Sunday for the week 5 weeks’ hence.

I was living at the ‘famous’ Hotel Ansonia. My landlady was Mme Breisach, interpretation instructress at the Met. Singers would come to her to learn how to sing a part in a foreign language. So I met singers, both famous and young aspiring ones. They included a certain Ruth Falcon. She worked at Papagallo’s, a renowned shoe store that only employed the young singers. Once a month, they had recitals in the store for them.

Ruth and I were ‘a thing’ for a while. I remember nudging her each time she hummed loudly in the bus or subway, louder than the vehicle itself.

To last night..went to see ‘Don Carlo’. Had I been alone, I’d have been prepared to stand. I’m older perhaps, but I’m able to stand. Did so last year for Nathaiie Desay in ‘Lucia’. But this time I’m with my friend and customer from Germany. I get rear stalls, the row in front of the stall’s standees. I tell Joachim about my life those 44 years ago. I tell him about Ruth. We then chat to the lady standing directly behind us. After this and that, I find out she’s an aspiring singer. I tell her my story. When I mention Papagallo’s, she says her teacher told her the same story. ‘Who’s your teacher’, I asked expectantly. ‘Ruth Falcon’, came back the expected reply. Kerplunk!

I handed over my card and insisted she makes Ruth write to me; we got a lot to talk about……

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