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Somewhere in eastern Europe

March 8th, 2011

While the Middle East and northern Africa struggle through their re-birth pangs, it is healthy to be reminded of the varying turmoil that eastern Europe is still going through in ridding itself of the communist cloak. I just spent a couple of days in Cluj. Where? you might ask. It’s a decently-sized city in Romania (that’s Transylvania – Dracula-land – to you don’t knows).

I gave a couple of talks in the dental department of the very busy Universitatae de Medicină şi Farmacie. I promote hand instruments, with the emphasis on perio. Romania is another country with, officially, no dental hygienists. (In western Europe, such countries include France, Belgium, Greece and Turkey). With communication and information as it is today, I personally cannot understand this. The presence of oral hygienists, therapists – call them what you will – has proven to be a boost for the dental profession. One might fear that cleaner and healthier teeth would mean less work for the dentist. It certainly means a change of emphasis, but it never means less work. It results in better patient education, with more of the population going to the dentist – and going more often (partly because of the reduction of ‘fear of the dentist’). And those ever-more-popular implants get to stay in longer when properly maintained…..

While this message is slowly seeping through, the dentists with no hygienists are learning to improve their understanding and use of hand and ultrasonic scalers instruments. (They kiss my ring when they discover our no-sharpening instruments).

Flew to Krakow via Vienna. Not only no direct flights, but very few flights at all out of Cluj. Have a look at the arrivals and departures areas at 7.30 in the morning…

In Krakow, attended Krakdent. I’ll tell you about that meeting in the next blog…

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