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Dental Nostalgia in Amsterdam

May 9th, 2017


As the notes about my blog state, I’m 53 years in this dental business.
Back in 1967, exactly 50 year ago, and after 3 years’ apprenticeship, I was given my initial sales territory: Holland, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland.
50 years ago, I started selling dental products here in the Netherlands.
And today, I am back here (perhaps for the 100th time) and shall take you for a little walk down Nostalgia Lane.

First, proof that I am in Amsterdam.
Do you know any country that promotes its cheeses as well as the Netherlands?
Yes, in many countries, there are fromageries – but they feature ‘cheese to buy’ from all over the World.
But you won’t see them at every tourist street corner or at the airports etc., as in the Netherlands.


1 cheese


A few meters away, I arrive at Nes, considered the oldest street in the city.
I stand approximately where one of my customers used to be. There’s am RHO hotel there. I am confused.
Then I see the sign above the doorway: Drijfhout & Zoon. It’s the same building, and there’s the proof!
They were primarily suppliers of precious metals to dental laboratories.
Customer # 1179…I was selling Jelenko products to them, especially the gold alloys.
Those were the days.


2 hotel


I went inside, and was happily surprised to see that they had retained the old look – now a beautiful hotel lobby, with Art Deco design.
In the old days this beautiful place had offices in every direction.
They told me the hotel had been established in 1990. That’s about right; I stopped working for Jelenko in 1982!


3 hotel lobby


I continued walking along Nes…the old style on the left, the new on the right.
Strange effect, but that’s Amsterdam, a cacophony of old and new.


4 street


At the other end, next to the Old Mill Souvenir shop, I gaped at the building where I actually stayed for a few weeks.
I had a Dutch lady friend in those days – had met her playing tennis in London. And when I arrived in 1968, she and her boyfriend invited me to stay with them in Nes.
Look at the view we had from the back windows – and still today…


5 view


Dental is a great world of which to be a part, and Amsterdam is a great place to sell dental materials…

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The Dental Universe of Holland

April 13th, 2011

‘Messages from the Universe’ is of course a misnomer. Even with my incredible team of roving investigators and reporters, there are parts of this wonderful universe of ours that are not going to be covered these blogs. So be it.

Right now, today, I am in Holland (Netherlands to those of you who are hot on crossword puzzles. And please don’t ask me which is the official capital of this country. It usually depends which way the coffee shop is facing).

Visited the lovely little town of Nederhorst den Berg, not so far from Amsterdam. On the way, I passed the obligatory views of Holland: the windmill, the canals that run so beautifully through every corner of the Dutch people’s lives, and the local ducks, who seemed to be helping me get into my parking place.

One of my staff even passed this sign in the very next village – in the middle of nowhere…

(Can’t run away from this industry – apparently, this company’s product has something to do with dieting after a visit to the dentist).

I was here to visit a very shy lady. I have to be careful what I write about her. Suffice to say that she is the president of one of the 2 oral hygienist associations in Holland, and an important international spokesperson on the use of the laser in the dental office, especially in the dental hygienist’s office.

Her speciality is the laser; she lost me on that subject. But what we do have in common is the use hand instruments and children  – I became a grandfather of the most gorgeous little girl last Wednesday…and she has 3 lovely kids. She has just moved her home and office to what used to be the local police station. Is that a first? (Ooops, you just may have guessed her identity…).

Our main discussion concerned American Eagle’s claim that their scalers and curettes do not require sharpening, and how to prove that fact to the non-believers who won’t even try the product. One of the classic marketing phenomena: how to change old habits, no matter how wrong or even unpopular they are. My classic response is, when buying a new car, do we demand that they put the old car’s seats in? Everything new, advanced, better, requires time to get used to it.

And the old stuff? The windmills? They rotate into history. While today’s Dutch architecture changes slightly….

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