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The British Dental Salesman – Part II

September 18th, 2012

The true British dental salesman is one who is willing to make the 10,000 km trip to London to witness London 2012.

I arrived only in time to see the last day of the Paralympics, but it was special.

This the British at their best.

Those opening and closing ceremonies….Quirky? Sure.

Typically British? – Proudly so?

But I didn’t understand it – Sorry about that; I did.

Too long – They always are. Gotta give every island the attention it deserves, just like at the UN.

Sunday, Sep 9th – I had to visit my old aunt in Croydon, which is south of London. Had to take the train from Victoria Station.

I decided to walk the 4 km or so. That took me past Buckingham Palace.

I mingled with the thousands.

The leading groups of the wheelchair marathon were due soon.

I called my aunt; I would be a little late.

Then the cheers came up. The lead cars went by; the camera bike, then the leading athlete…

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