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A Beautiful Couple

April 26th, 2011

I was told that I could write about anything in this blog – as long as the subject was connected with ‘dental’.

Well….My wife, Aviva, and I, together with our brother-in-law, Dani (a leading artist from Haifa), went for a walk in Jaffa yesterday. We all have teeth.

After seeing some of the special sights, the new promenade and park, the special art galleries (naive art, glass etc. etc.) and the quaint alleys of the Old City, we entered a new restaurant – Azteca – and there we met this couple….

She’s Zha Zha, from Hannover. He’s King Hurricane Kwazulu – from Lesotho (S. Africa). They’re special in every way. First…well just look at them! He’s a musician (oh, what a surprise). But what is a surprise is that he does not play reggae. He plays most everything else. His speciality instrument (he plays many) is the beat box. That’s what such guys do with their lips….

King had been travelling for many years, always wanting to move on. When he came here, 2 years ago, he felt that this could be his home. Israel… Wow. He said that he knew the Israelis to be rather loud and aggressive. After being here some time he had come to the conclusion that, yes, the Israelis are loud and aggressive (as are many other peoples). But now he understood it, and it was OK.  This tiny country, what was seen a few months ago as the problem pinpoint in the Middle East, and which is now the peaceful pinpoint in the Middle East, has a big enough heart and personality to attract such a man.

Zha Zha? She’s also been travelling the World, picking fruit in Australia and teaching there. She tried to get into India, but no visa. So she contacted the friend she had met in the Canaries, and he said to come here – and she came. I have a feeling she’ll also stay.

Dani wanted a picture with them….

So tall….’Pick him up’, I requested….

Smile – Promote your dentist.

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