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Krakdent in Krakow

March 9th, 2011

What a beautiful city.

Everyone compares Krakow to Prague – fair enough. But both are fantastic cities. Krakow is less overwhelmed by tourists, and therefore far less commercial and commercialised. Prague has better beer, but the buildings are stunning, their illumination magnificent. Churches in both cities have concerts nearly every evening. Prague features Dvorak and Smetana; Krakow features Chopin.

And when you are in Krakow and want great food, stick to dental……

You all know Zirc Dental, the company that makes those cassettes, steri-boxes, mirror-handles etc, in 16 fantastic colours? Well, the boss is Jim Campion, and his son, Johnathan runs 2 really very special restaurants in Krakow. The first is Manzana, excellent Mexican, located in the Jewish quarter. The second is Metropolitan, international cuisine, and to be found right on the main square. I do not exaggerate. First class food, atmosphere, service – and relatively very inexpensive.

Some bullets about the Krakdent expo:

  • Extremely well-attended. They were lining up to get in.

  • Narrow aisles, no symmetry of stands, lots of ‘lost corners’ . Stand beauty was not the priority.
  • The smallest stand: MCosmetics (1 sq. meter)

  • Over-the-counter sales was the norm. All repeat-order items on sale (scalers/curettes for $5 – rubber polishing wheels for $0.20). Bags were very full and heavy by the end of the day.
  • There were many lectures, and they appeared to be well-attended. Mostly Polish speakers, with a wide range of subjects.

We’ll be back next year…

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