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Teething at the IDS

March 29th, 2011

The most urgent news to come out of the IDS was the pain Nil Miro was suffering from his slowly erupting teeth. This was compounded by the fact that he was surrounded not only by his parents, one of which was a dentist, but by thousands of others dentists. None seemed prepared to help. The best I could do was to make funny faces and funny noises, and that seemed to calm him down…

Also a special hello to Dr. Robert Piscioneri who, quite obviously, is from Adelaide in Australia, who bet me $5,000 that I would not get his name onto the DTI website within 2 days. Expensive drinks will be served in the lounge.

The IDS is over for another 2 years. From ‘the floor’, we came to the following unofficial conclusions –

  • More exhibitors, including a lot of small manufacturers. They used the many national pavilions which provide service to  ‘make it easy’ to attend. (As long as they have the means to back up their product, good for them. For it is becoming more and more difficult to break into overseas markets, let along one’s own).

It seems the Americans again brought the largest team from overseas…

And among the most attractive stands?

CMS Dental

Baumann Dental

Klockner S.A.

One of the strangest? The stand of the Italian company, Metasys.
And at the Sanavis Group stand (which includes SciCan and MicroMega), where they were driving visitors up the wall.

  • Overall, definitely less retail visitors, with the Saturday much weaker than expected. But there were quite a few additional comments that the quality of visitors was better, suggesting that retail orders were good – perhaps better overall sales than in 2009.
  • The international dental trade attended in strong numbers. All exhibitors I spoke to were surprised that all planned meetings went ahead –  and there were many new/potential dealers turning up.
  • Officially, no sales over the counter, but there is no question that some exhibitors went home ’empty-handed’, while the ‘buyers’… well, they just went home.

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