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Budapest and Hygienists

January 13th, 2011

Just came back from a visit to that beautiful city of Budapest. Fog, mist and rain was prevalent when I arrived, but before I left, I had the renewed pleasure of seeing the magnificent buildings, lit up at night along the Danube.

I was there for sales training, not only for our dealer’s local team, but also for those from the sister company in Romania. They are based in Cluj, Romania’s 2nd city, which, as the crow flies, is as close to Budapest as to Bucharest. So they made the effort to drive the 6 hours each way to listen to me. My modesty prevents me from expanding on the subject.

Also spent time visiting some of the leading dental offices in the city – and they are very special. Style, efficiency, quality and extremely warm atmosphere impressed me greatly. It was good to hear that over half the patients are Hungarian. (It is known that many Eastern European surgeries make their fortunes treating overseas patients. By coincidence, my brother-in-law, based near Atlanta, Georgia, had a wonderful 2-week vacation included when having a series of implants inserted in a Budapest clinic. He is going back later this year for a 2nd vacation.

American Eagle manufactures dental instruments, and our main focus is always on perio – hand instruments and ultrasonic tips. So I have the great pleasure of working closely with hygienists – and what a world. (Met some really excellent and clearly updated hygienists in Budapest).

It is still hard to believe that while hygienists have been a standard part of the dental scene in so many countries (starting in the English-speaking lands – over 120,000 in the US alone), there are many countries with no hygienists at all. In Western Europe, that includes France, Belgium, Greece and Turkey. Don’t ask me why…

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