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King Wilhelm arrives early

May 7th, 2013

Location: Almere, The Netherlands.

Event: Henry Schein Open House.

Theme: Holland

In our picture: King Wilhelm Alexander in uniform for the last time. He is surrounded by his mother, ex-Queen and now Princess Beatrix, and his wife, Princess Maxima.

(They have both been recently on vacation in southern England).

[For those of you who are still reading, the above 3 are played by yours truly, Dr. Ileen Helstone and her lawyer sister, Jacky.]

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Open House in Holland

October 5th, 2011

It’s a little ‘unbalanced’ of me to mention Henry Schein so often in my blogs, but they ARE rather large and important – and they DO buy my company’s products.

In the Netherlands, Schein holds 2 ‘Open Houses’ per year. In April, it’s the ‘big one’, got to be one of the most successful such shows in the World. In September, last week, they have what they call the ‘Kennisdagen’ – Info Days, where the emphasis is also on lectures, product information, education.

Sorry, no pictures of the expo, but I do have some nice scenes from Amsterdam in the sunshine…

Bikes everywhere, of course. 1 hand, no hands. Mobile in 1 ear, iPod in the other. Brakes? Perhaps. Passengers everywhere, including this dog. I even saw 2-wheelers with a box on the front, carrying four(4) kids, each and everyone of them looking quite content – and unstrapped.

Heineken is one of Holland’s leading brands. By day, this is a very popular tourist attraction. Very…

This dentist (‘Tandarts’) has molar lighting on his balcony – and just look at the gorgeous ceramic figures in this private window…

Back to those bikes…parked everywhere of course, some of them seemingly for the rest of their lives. The houseboats along this particular canal were so attractive; flowers both on and off board. A great place to sit – a dangerous place to park. (They say they have to fish out at least 1 car per week from the Amsterdam canals).

Canals, flowers, bridges and bikes – and more flowers..just look at this wall…

Amsterdam – I’ve seen it packed with everyone on the streets and the water lanes. But when you find a peaceful corner to sit in, it’s special.

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Schein Management faces Sneijder free kick

April 18th, 2011

As can clearly be seen, Wesley Sneijder’s reputation for powerful soccer blasts preceded him…………..

Now that I have your attention, let me take a step back and just admit that this is an exclusive photo-op of Henry Schein’s European management team (missing France and UK this particular occasion).

They are, in the back row, and from left to right, Bernd Hohmann, Managing Dir., Germany Dental Michael Racioppi, Senior VP, Chief Merchandising Officer Michael Kutzner, VP, Chief Information Office, Europe Cees Balder, Managing Director, Austria, BeLux and Czech Republic Dental Mark Rahman, VP, CFO, European Dental Group Gerard Metselaar, DDS, VP, Corporate Brand Sales and Marketing – International

Front row: Jacques-Philippe Peyron, VP, European Dental Group Marketing Rene Plomp, Managing Director, Netherlands Dental Bob Minowitz, President, European Dental Group Riccardo Gandus, Managing Director, Italy Dental  Juan Molina, Managing Director, Spain & Portugal Dental Patrick Thurm, Vice President, Dental Equipment Marketing – Europe

(Graham Stanley was also supposed to be there. He’s VP and Chief Financial Officer – International Group. I think my camera proved to be over-intimidating).

I spoke to Susan Vasallo, located back in New York. She’s Corporate Communications. She kindly gave me some more background to this very important get-together. Topics covered during the management meeting included European customer insights, strategic planning, the latest technology and new products, Schein’s ‘dental specialty’ and value-added services offering. And, of course, they were in Almere to witness ‘The Event’.

Many (including myself) call this the most successful commercial dental exhibition of the year – the Schein Open House in Holland. Taking place on Friday and Saturday of this week. (A separate blog will be posted subsequently). Yesterday, Wednesday, they had their ‘Mini Open House’, during which Schein’s ‘major suppliers’ had a chance to meet the sales teams (both external and internal) on a 1-to-1 basis.

In addition to the discussions, the management were all being given an opportunity to see for themselves how an Open House can be run. Well over 2,000 dentists will come, many of them with their families. They will have smiles on their faces, for every year the Open House has a theme – this year it’s ITALY – and the whole company will be decked out ‘à la Italiano’, including the staff…this is a picture of Schein Holland’s Tanja de Kock and Willem Leeftink ‘letting their imagination run wild’…

The suppliers are asked to make an effort to dress up. None do. Except American Eagle of course (that’s me). Get ready for some very silly pictures in the next blog.

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