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D & G meets DG at the FDI in Poznan, Poland

September 15th, 2016


I am trying so hard to keep this non-commercial, but, hey, blocking out images spoils the fun!

So here she is, name omitted to protect her identity, admiring American Eagle’s XP non-sharpening technology.



I am their European Sales Director. I am not particularly fashion-conscious. She was therefore quite surprised and confused when I asked her how come she was advertising our Double Gracey line on her head….



“What are you talking about?”, she asked, smiling



‘Your hairclip”, I replied. How come you’re advertising our technology.

She went back to studying the instrument. But I know what she was thinking….”Nice guy, nice instruments, now how to persuade my husband to fork out the money?”


Smile – Support Your Dentist


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FDI to Dentex – Delhi to Brussels

September 23rd, 2014


I had never been to India before, although friends and members of my family have nagged me for years to visit this enormous place.

And then, what do I do? I visit Delhi. That’s of course not fair to India; that’s not ‘touring’.

But that’s the choice I had, and I grabbed it.

First of all, they call chipmunks ‘squirrels’ – so now I was ready for any misunderstandings…

Delhi is BIG. Talk of 22 million inhabitants, and I believe it.
And they’re not all in one area. The FDI was held in a suburb called ‘Greater Noida’, which is miles from the centre, and hours by any form of transport.
Bicycle rickshaw was definitely not an option, nor a bike, with or without motor. The auto-rickshaw, commonly known as the ‘tuk-tuk’, would have been a bum-destroyer for such a journey…
It’s safe, even for an unprotected baby…

There was also the option of the horse-driven cart, bull-driven cart, camel-driven cart – or being carried by elephant. We abandoned those options…

We were considering hiring this monkey, but he wouldn’t take us; he was waiting to give his whole family a ride to the centre.

Oh – I almost forgot…Yes we did attend the FDI…

Big stands, tiny stands. Internationally recognisable names and styles mixed with many local producers and traders. Sample-collectors and bona-fide quality dentists. I was told that India produces around 25,000 new dentists per annum. Can you imagine that!

This incredible country has a middle-class that is larger than most average countries. It has malls and yuppee coffee houses.
We read so much about the over-population, the masses. And they are a fact.
But our dental window also showed that this fantastic democracy is a powerhouse of energy and development.

And here it is – the unique selfie – my wife and I…

Flew directly to Brussels for their Dentex expo, which is held every 2 years. This year in September, a month earlier than usual, due to major construction work due at the expo centre shortly.This proved to be an unfortunate change, as the weather was wonderful, resulting in many stayaways.

One big hall – the ideal lay-out.

Every 2nd stand was offering refreshments, from Cava and cola to nuts and cheese – and a fantastic ‘hand=made ice-cream’, dipped in your choice of chocolate, nuts and little goodies…courtesy of Henry Schein.

But at the end, the end was the same as at any expo – total destruction…

Smile – Support Your Dentist.



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