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Dental Fasching in Vienna

March 10th, 2011

For the uninformed, Fasching is another word for carnival – or mardi gras. They say it comes from the word to fast – before the beginning of Lent. Whatever, it’s just another great excuse to dress up and have fun.

I haven’t asked their permission – so sue me – but I had the pleasure, March 8th, to visit Updent, a leading dental office in the centre of the Austrian capital. I already know the place to be very special. For instance,

  • In which other dental offices do you see beautiful model trains displayed?
  • And where else do you see the staff (and there are perhaps 30 of them) change their uniforms every day of the week? (Woe betide the one who forgets to have the right colour scheme that day…)
  • They have many ‘important’ clients. The one I particularly remember – and had the pleasure of meeting – was the late Friedensreich Hundertwasser, famous artist and architect of the magnificent Kunsthaus art museum. (Btw, he had terrible teeth).
  • And where else does a dental centre celebrate carnival THIS way –

First, let’s introduce the Pharoah with the loupes, Walter Wadsak, and his lovely Queen, Lucia.

Yours truly poses with an angelic dental therapist  – and another angel is about to be curetted.

When did your periodontist last look like this – and get away with it! And here’s a few of the less-shy team…

Note: I am NOT aware that any of the bubbles in the glasses were real…

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