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Nordental in Bergen

October 18th, 2011

What a lovely old town this is…

You can argue the rights and wrongs of holding the national dental expo outside Oslo, but every few years, it IS held here – and in Stavanger and, I believe, occasionally all the way further North in Trondheim. This is such an incredibly long country, with population spread everywhere, the dentist in those areas deserve the attention…

Last night, we exited from the Indian restaurant and were blasted with the sights and sounds of a great firework display – Not quite sure of the occasion, but it went on for some minutes. Lucky us..(and thanks to Streve Jobs & Co. for this technology)..

Saw a very strange statue in town, and not sure the DTI censors will allow it…

And you thought the Norwegians were prudish.

And I, as a visitor from Israeli, was a little concerned about the left-wing attitude towards the Middle East.

Then along comes Dr. Kjetil Børre Ødegaard who, apart from ordering some of my dental instruments, and upon hearing that I am from Israel, ripped open his shirt and revealed a souvenir from his family’s recent trip to Israel…

(Wow…I hope this doesn’t offend anyone……)

The exhibition, you ask? It’s being held at the Grieghallen, which sounds quite grand (you must ALL know Grieg’s music, his wonderful Piano Concerto in A Minor). But most of the expo is held a floor down – in the car park! Well, that’s what it was at least, and that’s where most of us are. But a good size, decent spaces between stands, plenty of snacks, coffee, ice cream and dental samples available. So my wife will be happy.

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