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Beautiful Montana

July 15th, 2011

I am so lucky to be working for a company that is located in the middle of Nature. American Eagle Instruments is in the little town of Missoula, Montana. There are others who are pretty happy about that. Here’s some of the sales team from Henry Schein in Holland…

And here are some of the inside and outside staff from the Loser Co., out of Germany (another group came during the Winter).

Montana is known as the Big Sky State, and this is the reason why….Just look at these wonderful cloud formations.

We spent time on famous Flathead Lake, with homes you only can dream about. We lazed on boats, skimmed on tubes and picnicked on board.

We hiked through the wonderful Glacier Park. A black bear crossed the road in front of us as we entered the reserve.

We ate bison burgers prior to taking some stunning pictures at the Bison Range..

The dental business is wonderful…

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