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Dentistry and Art

August 21st, 2014


Still travelling – still selling (American Eagle Instruments – and very successfully) – still thankful that I have a job and a life which I can really say I enjoy. Seems there’re not enough who feel that – or get the chance to say it.

This trip actually started on June 10, when I attended the 1-day conference of the Israeli dental hygienists. The location was Airport City, thankfully only minutes from Ben Gurion Airport, as I had a flight out in the evening. It was a ‘big day out’ for the hygienists. 550 attended. And of course, during the breaks, they piled out to have refreshments…


  • The lady in the foreground in the first photo, in turquoise, is Adele Shevach from Hadassah in Jerusalem. She’s one of Israel most prominent personalities in the DH world.
  • It so happens that you can just see, in white, one of Israel’s approx 1,000 Moslem hygienists, from among the large Israeli Arab population.
  • Poor guy in the 3rd photo. Normally, as was also the case here, coffee etc. is served from big containers and sachets. His job was to keep the more sophisticated and trendy hygienist happy with his capos, espressos and macchiatos…
  • And the 4th photo shows the importance Colgate places on such meetings. They had 10 ladies ‘manning’ the stand.

I am writing this from Prague, attending the Open House of Dentamed, the Czech Republic’s leading dental dealer

which has to be one of the most beautiful cities in the World. Despite the tourists – and there are many – the place always offers so much to see and do. And it is so photogenic…

For example – I am here with my wife Aviva, one of our 2 daughters, Shira, and her 21-month baby girl, Maya. We have taken an apartment, only 200 meters from the famous Astronomical clock (made in 1410!!). In fact, we are located in the Old Jewish quarter, and this is the view from our bedroom window, the famous Old Jewish Cemetery…

Yesterday, in the 37C heat, we saw many of the most famous sights, including the Old Town Square, the incredible Charles bridge, and beyond and above it, the castle, which comprises many important buildings, including the incredible St. Vitus Cathedral….

But for us, being art lovers, the big surprise for us all was a still-unsung exhibition of Alphonse Mucha. Most of us know him from images/posters like this..

But, unless you study the subject, there is so much more to learn, in this case, about Mucha. I was not aware of his ‘Slav Epic’ series, 20 monumental paintings, executed over a period of 20 years, which he was commissioned tp paint by the city of Prague, back in the early 20th Century. Here they were, at one of the main galleries. almost as an ‘aside’. Little publicity, few visitors, and a stunning experience. (A city like Paris, New York or London would be making millions out of this) –

(I left Shira, Maya and the museum ‘guard’ in the photo, to give you an idea of the size of these things) – and I have included a couple of ‘close-ups’ or ‘details, showing the intensity of this fantastic experience.

The dental world is wonderful – as long as you remember to mix it with all the other pleasures of life…

Smile – Promote your dentist.


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