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Chicago Midwinter Meeting 2014

March 11th, 2014


The older I get, the more I am being pushed by my colleagues to do silly youthful things…like writing blogs!

In this case, it’s the famous selfie..Here, you are seeing 4 very important dental personalities, each of whom would throttle me if they find out I’ve pasted this picture on this blog. Happily, no one ever reads this…

On your left, Joachim Siegler, boss of perhaps the only bona fide dental wholesaler in Europe.

The next 3 are regional sales managers of American Eagle Instruments: Pia Rossel covering Latin America, Elizabeth Noll, covering eastern and southern Europe, Middle East, Russia, India and Jupiter, and then there’s me.

The day before the exhibition starts, we, the trade, especially the international members, have a chance to meet, talk, view, without disturbing our professional colleagues. The Dental Trade Alliance (DTA), previously the Dental Manufacturers of America (DMA) hosts their ‘Preview Show’. Each exhibitor has a table, on which to show their wears. Visitors grab a snack in one hand, a drink in another, and then shake hands with whomever he meets in the many aisles. It’s clearly a very informal affair…

My first show was back in 1967 (I was 2 years old), when I was at the end of my 3 years’ apprenticeship with Sittig Associates, the then-leading export agent for American dental suppliers.

I’ve been to most since, though bright early Spring sunshine and horrible snowstorms that have kept us Chicago-bound for days. Always something to talk about.

The next 3 pics shows Chicago on the day before the expo starts: empty streets, empty corridors, and artistic teeth, yet to be installed.

Was able to walk a little along N. Michigan, along The Magnificent Mile, Chicago’s terrific main shopping street. That’s the Sears Building in the first picture, with the very diminutive Water Tower, dwarfed at its side. And of course, I had to pop into Victoria’s Secret. Didn’t buy anything of course, but that’s not the point. Anyway, my wife prefers ‘others’.

Now I’m going to risk something….Saturday night, the same 4 of us ventured into Kingston Mines Blues Bar. If you’re in Chicago, put this place next to the top of your list.

Of COURSE, it’s loud, or COURSE it’s squeezed (Saturday night – although the air-con appears to be working fine…never felt anything but OK). But Joanna Connor (pictured below) and Duke Tumatoe fronted 2 great blues bands – on 2 separate stages, in 2 separate rooms (you have to shift from one to the other).

Fan or not, connoisseur or not, you sway, wave and shout on command. It’s very special.

Now to the risky bit. The following images show strange behaviour between 2 men at the venue. One is me, and the other is none other than Torsten Oemus. If you do not know who Torsten is, then I’d better not say.

There, I’ve done it.

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