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Leipzig sinking while Hamburg floats

September 10th, 2013

I was in Leipzig a few days ago, to attend he first of what are known in German as the ‘Fach-Dental’ exhibitions. These are regional dental meetings held every year during the Fall.

There used to be 8 of them, but they are now down to 5. The market is flats, and the attendance figures just continue to go down. Add to that the reluctance of dealers and suppliers to spend so much on stands, and the dealers’ interest in spending the money on their own ‘open houses’, then the trend becomes predictable.

The other exhibitions this year will be held in Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Hamburg.

The ‘missing’ locations are, believe it or not, the capital, Berlin, then Düsseldorf and Hannover.

But while Leipzig had some complaints (some of which could be blamed on the lovely weather), Hamburg showed me some views of its newly refurbished ‘Hafen-City’ (post city). Even in the rather dismal weather, the sights had a certain attraction..

Thin building about to enter eye of the needle

Old building grows green beard

Cars and bikes and those 2-wheeled things

Still life

Drink, drive and swim…

This was also not built in a day

Actually, NOT the best view of Hamburg

No idea how to play the trombone

Smile – Support your dentist

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