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It rains in UK, but….

November 15th, 2011

I’m an Englishman – not in New York, but overseas. Coming back to ‘my country’ always brings strange emotions. E.g., I forget the new value of the £ and am sometimes shocked at the price of a coffee, a hotel room, a ride on the bus, or a theatre ticket.

I also grew up with the NHS, the National Health System, knowing that the waiting room is dark and dank, with 5 year-old magazines and frayed seat covers. The surgery? Don’t ask…

But now I am back, co-traveling with salesmen from the Optident company, and I am discovering that the UK is no longer stuck in the past. Surgeries are modern, clean, beautiful, Uniforms are colored, decent art on the wall. Flowers at reception are real and there is a conference room We are offered coffee from a sophisticated espresso machine (I think I eyed George Clooney having a tooth extracted in one of the surgeries), and iced water is available.

As you enter the office, you are facing an elegant cabinet that displays some of the mostly glass trophies that have been awarded to them….

Here’s Katy Hails, dental hygienist, happy to be working in such a classy environment….

‘Creating Beautiful Smiles’….How’s that for a classy name. Look at this terrific business card design……

And then we visited the Smile Spa.

Smile – Promote your dentist.

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