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Tele-Sales Get Recognition

November 10th, 2011

Something really good happened recently.

I live in Israel. I’m often asked why, and my immediate response is that I met and fell in love with an Israeli lady. Being as strong as they are, I eventually had to move to where she felt at home. (The lovely weather also had something to do with the decision. London was my original home, a place not famous for its sunshine).

But now, 27 years later, there are at least a couple of other good reasons for being pretty happy with where I am from.

If you have been reading this blog, you will have seen reps from Schein Holland enjoying their ‘bonus trip’ to Montana, where my company, American Eagle, have their factory.

Well, when that decision was made, there were whispers from the inside sales staff at Schein, which appeared to say “what about us”.  I shall not enter the discussion of which dept. at a dental supply company have the most influence on sales. Suffice to say that we felt the inside staff needed to be ‘recognised’.

The result was 2 groups of them coming for long weekends to Israel.

1st and 2nd groups

On the left, you can see them with my wife, Aviva, tasting some of Israel’s terrific wine. (I’m hiding behind Aviva – only possible since losing considerable amount of weight).

On the right, the 2nd group are posing in Jaffa, with a panoramic view of Tel Aviv behind them.

The weather was better for the first group; coats had rarely to be worn. We had some rain for trip-2, which caused the stone pavements of Jerusalem and Jaffa to be a little slippery. The result was 1 bruised back and a badly cut knee. But those were the only negatives….

Group 1 scenes:

Jerusalem – At the Western (Wailing) Wall – Walking through Moslem Quarter to reach Austrian Hospice hotel in the Old City.

Bathing in the Dead Sea – currently subject of an International campaign to become one of the World’s 7 Wonders, which would help save it from drying up and losing its unique qualities – and touristic attraction.

Tamara applies the famous mud on Tim’s torso – rendering his skin soft and healthy for the rest of his life.

And then rinsing it all off – and the salt, too.

Learning about Haifa’s fabulous Baha’i Gardens, centre of yet another religion in Israel.

And group 2 –

Also at the Wall, this time showing the Al Aqsa Mosque behind…And ‘The Boys’ at sea level, on the way down…

Posing before an exhibit at a fabulous show of paper art in a northern Israel kibbutz – and witnessing pilgrims from all parts of the World being baptised in the waters of the River Jordan.

They came away happy…


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