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October 11th, 2011

Did you know?

I’ve been visiting the Belgian dental schools….stayed overnight in Antwerp. I had forgotten what a beautiful city centre it has. In some ways, the main square has more character than the famous Grand Place in Brussels.

And there, in full magnificence, this terrific statue..

The cab driver explained in detail to me…confirmed unfortunately by Wikipedia..

Antigoon was this horrible giant who charged a fee for crossing the local river.

When they didn’t pay. He’d cut off their hands…

The people’s hero was a guy called Brabo, who attacked the giant, beat him up and cut HIS hand off, flinging it into the river, much to the joy of the locals, some of whom were still able to applaud.

Ant = hand…

Werp = throw….


Oh, and to continue the dental theme…

How about this sign on the toilet at Professor Marc Herman’s private surgery in Brussels… (Sorry, I had to include the handle and keyhole, otherwise I would not be able to prove this was a door).

And did you know that Belgium is among the still many countries without dental hygienists. (In Europe, you can add France, Turkey and Greece to that list…). What ARE they waiting for?

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