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Open House in Holland

October 5th, 2011

It’s a little ‘unbalanced’ of me to mention Henry Schein so often in my blogs, but they ARE rather large and important – and they DO buy my company’s products.

In the Netherlands, Schein holds 2 ‘Open Houses’ per year. In April, it’s the ‘big one’, got to be one of the most successful such shows in the World. In September, last week, they have what they call the ‘Kennisdagen’ – Info Days, where the emphasis is also on lectures, product information, education.

Sorry, no pictures of the expo, but I do have some nice scenes from Amsterdam in the sunshine…

Bikes everywhere, of course. 1 hand, no hands. Mobile in 1 ear, iPod in the other. Brakes? Perhaps. Passengers everywhere, including this dog. I even saw 2-wheelers with a box on the front, carrying four(4) kids, each and everyone of them looking quite content – and unstrapped.

Heineken is one of Holland’s leading brands. By day, this is a very popular tourist attraction. Very…

This dentist (‘Tandarts’) has molar lighting on his balcony – and just look at the gorgeous ceramic figures in this private window…

Back to those bikes…parked everywhere of course, some of them seemingly for the rest of their lives. The houseboats along this particular canal were so attractive; flowers both on and off board. A great place to sit – a dangerous place to park. (They say they have to fish out at least 1 car per week from the Amsterdam canals).

Canals, flowers, bridges and bikes – and more flowers..just look at this wall…

Amsterdam – I’ve seen it packed with everyone on the streets and the water lanes. But when you find a peaceful corner to sit in, it’s special.

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