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The Famous IDS Dealer Day

March 24th, 2011

Have to admit that, much as you were all panting with anticipation at my next blog, due at the end of the first IDS (Dealer) day, the fact is that there is only so much that these 3-4 typing fingers can produce. And we, those fingers and I, have been rather busy here.

But first you’re all hungry for news about the weather at the IDS….Well, have a look at the skyline of Köln above the exhibition’s rooftop car park.

Yes, I love the magnificence of the Cologne Cathedral, seen on the left in the distance – and cleverly held in a blurred dusk in the picture on the right.

The Dealer Day was reported to have been a great success, with trade visitors from both Germany and almost every country of the World. I could not verify this; I was stuck on my own company’s stand, with wall-to-wall meetings.

And at the end of the day, the DBU party, a popular celebration of 18 years of the Dental Buddies of the Universe (www.dentalbuddies.com). Here were gathered some of the icons of the international dental trade, including Torsten Oemus (don’t know him? We wouldn’t be reading this without him…). Torsten is seen here with yours truly….Torsten is holding a copy of the current DBU magazine, which features ‘An Interview with Torsten Oemus’.

New products? Of course there were. And they featured…? I have no idea; I was stuck on my stand.

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