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Preparing for the IDS

March 22nd, 2011

I must not be so arrogant as to presume that every dentist knows what the IDS is. Manufacturers and all traders…they know that I am referring to the International Dental Show in Germany. For the others among you, the IDS is and always has been the World’s largest dental show. It used to be held every 3 years in Germany, each time in a different city. Since the 90s, the expo has stayed in Cologne, and is held every 2 years. There were initial complaints at the costs of having such an expo 50% more often than before. But today, very few exhibitors complain. The show is growing larger and more popular every year.

I arrived Saturday morning in Frankfurt. It was 4C and rainy. But 2 hours later, we were already in Cologne, using the wonderful ICE train (Inter-City Express), which hits 300 kph during its journey. The temperature had risen to 15C. The skies were blue. And the streets were full of the weekend shoppers…

Busy pedestrian shopping area with the spires of the famous ‘Kölner Dom’ (Cologne Cathedral) in the background  -and one of the many street entertainers taking advantage of the wonderful weekend weather.

But all is not perfect in Cologne. The city has been suffering with effects of the construction of a new subway (metro) system…

But that Cathedral is still magnificent…

On the ‘piazza’ in front of the Cathedral, most people were having fun…

While the following pictures show 2 groups with totally different methods for collecting money for Japan.  The first shows young guys ‘being strong’ for the tragic country. The second, a young Japanese watches proudly as his extended families ask for donations. It really is strange to see poor Japan in this light.

And  the expo itself?

Well over 100,000 visitors are expected – from all over the World. There are over 1,900 exhibitors from 56 countries. An interesting development, I believe started many years ago by the Americans, is the emergence of ‘national pavilions’, as seen at World Expos.

The Dental Trade Alliance (formerly the Dental Manufacture’s Association) were the first to set themselves up as the hosts for many ‘smaller’ US manufacturers who, for many varied reasons, were happy to have someone provide all the necessities, including stand design, refreshment lounge, interpreters etc. Such pavilions now exist for many national groups, including the Italians, Swedes, Israelis, Korean, British etc. Among some of the benefits is the attraction of many more manufacturers into the export World, who otherwise would have stayed at home.

More news at the end of the Dealer Day (March 22).

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