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Glass in Leipzig

September 27th, 2016


Annually, one of the many successful German regional dental exhibitions is held in the very attractive city of Leipzig.

You’ve seen images of stands, hallways, conference rooms and snack bars. But how about a view of a lovely building near the Old Town centre….




After the fair ended last Saturday, I had time to roam the town centre on a lovely, sunny late-summer’s day.
The streets were full of people. There were various types of markets: food, groceries, flowers – and the arts.
It was one special stand that caught my eye: Glass Pens.
There they were, being produced before my very eyes. Lovely ones, of every possible design and color.


“Try them out”, he and she invited. And they worked; perfectly. In fact, one dip in the old-style (Parker Quink?) liquid, and you had enough on the pen to write a postcard home.

And what variety of colors and designs….










They also were producing and selling beautiful wooden stands..






And special bottles, designed like inkwells.




Apparently the history of these goes back to the mid 17th Century. The need came from the limited lifespan of then current writing plumes. Glass was already recognized as something that may break, but did not wear, and that was important.

Am I allowed to so a little promotion here? The relevant website is Includes an online shop.
And, according to the makers, if you break them, you just gather the pieces together, send them back, ands they will be repaired like new. That’s a free service (you just pay for the postage).

Of course I bought some. You would have as well.

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D & G meets DG at the FDI in Poznan, Poland

September 15th, 2016


I am trying so hard to keep this non-commercial, but, hey, blocking out images spoils the fun!

So here she is, name omitted to protect her identity, admiring American Eagle’s XP non-sharpening technology.



I am their European Sales Director. I am not particularly fashion-conscious. She was therefore quite surprised and confused when I asked her how come she was advertising our Double Gracey line on her head….



“What are you talking about?”, she asked, smiling



‘Your hairclip”, I replied. How come you’re advertising our technology.

She went back to studying the instrument. But I know what she was thinking….”Nice guy, nice instruments, now how to persuade my husband to fork out the money?”


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