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Hygienists of the World Unite

July 6th, 2016


Basel, Switzerland is known for its financial gnomes. It’s a city that borders both France and Germany. In fact, it has suburbs in both countries. When counting its population, they always come up with greatly varying figures, depending on their definition of where Basel is!

There’s a lovely old town centre, dating back umpteen years. The Rhine river rushes through the city (the strong current is famous and infamous), dividing it very clearly with several bridges on which people love to stop and stare.

Next time you’re there, sit on the terrace of the 3 Kings Hotel; order a (very expensive) drink, enjoy the very special snacks that come with it and then just stare at the view, together with all the other tourists who take my advice.

And between June 23–25, Basel was invaded by the international community of hygienists. Their organization is the International Federation of Dental Hygienists (IFDH), and the conference, held every three years, is the International Symposium on Dental Hygiene (ISDH). (The next conference is in three years’ time in Seoul, but after that, they have decided to hold the conference every two years, the first being in Dublin in 2021).

Obviously, the largest contingent was Swiss, with almost half the just over 2,000 delegates. Also obviously, the Swiss combined this with their annual conference; no need for duplication—especially considering the rather high registration cost.

Next highest, by a very small margin, was the USA. With their 180,000-odd hygienists (the only country in the world, I believe, that has more hygienists than dentists), that was to be expected. But it was closely run ‘race’, with S. Korea just losing out. Some were there primarily to promote the next conference…


Hygienists of the World Unite 1


Next we see the new President of the IFDH, Robyn Watson, promoting the Seoul conference.

Hygienists of the World Unite 2


I could not resist the temptation….

Hygienists of the World Unite 3


Some of you may have noticed that I live in that little island called Israel. (Well, originally, I am English, but that island was last seen being kept afloat by its Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish paddlers). The Israeli delegation was 5th or 6th in size. Here you see Sharon Friedman, president of the Israeli association, waving the flag at the opening ceremony and most of the Israeli hygienists enjoying the moment…

Hygienists of the World Unite 4


Hygienists of the World Unite 5


Our company, American Eagle Instruments, and our dealer in Israel, AB 2000, decided to make the Israelis extra welcome by inviting them to a Swiss evening. It was a warm evening, but still the guests seems to enjoy the very special cheese fondue served…

Hygienists of the World Unite 6


the wine and the speeches…

Hygienists of the World Unite 7


and the Swiss music…

Hygienists of the World Unite 8


Basel was a success. If you’ve never been to Seoul, now you have an excuse!!

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