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Dental Expo, Elections and St. Stephan

May 24th, 2016


Annually, the Austrian dental trade show is held in the capital city. The expo centre is modern, conveniently-located. Lectures are organized, many stands offer refreshments, and there’s even a large area where traditionally-attractive and delicious open sandwiches are freely served, backed up by a very decent choice of the best wines – all free.

So why the usual post-expo discussions about how to attract more people?

  • Used to be a 3-day meeting. They dropped the Thursday. Good decision?
  • They’ve shortened Saturday to just 5 hours. Good decision? (If the sun’s out, as it was this weekend, who wants to go to a dental exhibition?).
  • More lectures? Perhaps.
  • Special offers? Getting everyone to agree is a problem.
  • Hold the expo every 2 years? Being discussed.


Not sure if the Thursday night AC/DC concert at the adjoining stadium made any difference. Not sure if many of the black t-shirted long-haired guests at the hotel were potential dental buyers. (And that’s just the women…..).

So, what else could you have experienced here in Vienna?

Well, first, a taste of what’s happening in many parts of our world: on-the-edge-ones’-seat elections. Only a few minutes ago, Austria declared the leftist Green Party candidate, Alexander van der Bellen the new President, by the skin of his teeth. Having eliminated the centrist parties in the first rounds of the vote, van der Bellen defeated the Far Rightist, Norbert Hofer, by the narrowest of margins – after adding up all the postal votes. “Phew” whispers the rest of the World?

How about a meeting with Gerhard Strassgschwandner, director of the Third Man Museum, which shows not only the whole story of the famous Oson Welles movie, but also illustrates in great detail the incredible atmosphere of Vienna in 1947-8, still in ruins and totally controlled by the 4 Allied forces – just like Berlin except, the the 1st District, the Allied vehicles ALL were manned by at least 1 member of each of the 4 occupiers (US, France, Russia and UK).


Wien 01 LOW


Wien 02 Low


You could have visited Stefans Dom, St. Stephen’s cathedral. (My parents named me after this church – my father was Viennese). Right now, Rod Stewart gets his name in the same spotlight.


Wien 03 LOW


Wien 04 LOW


You could visit the famous Palmers stores, Austria’s leading supplier of ladies intimate wear, and understand, from this ad., why they cause so many car accidents in the country.


Wien 05 LOW


How about sitting in the famous Naschmarkt, which means, literally, ‘snack market’. Took this strange image of 2 sisters from Arizona and their mirror images.


Wien 06 LOW


Wien 07 LOW


Wien 08 LOW


Have a tour of the city sites on one of the famous Viennese ‘Fiakers’ (hackneys).


Wien 09 LOW


Or have an implant inserted by Drs. Michael Weinlaender and Walter Wadsak in their beautiful and modern premises within meters of St. Stephen.


Wien 10 LOW


Go by tram to see Placido Domingo in ‘La Traviata’ at the Staatsoper.


Wien 11 LOW


Wien 12 LOW


See Vienna’s versions of Holywoods’s ‘walk of fame’…


Wien Karajan 13 LOW


Wien Strauss 14 LOW


Wien Bach 15 LOW


Wien Philharmoniker 16 LOW


Or learn to communicate by means of Esperanto, as per Dr. Ludwig Zamenhof


Wien 17 LOW


Wien 18 LOW


And finally, wash your hands at the Hotel Imperial – at up to $1,500 per night.


Wien 19 LOW


Wien 20 LOW


Smile -Support your dentist


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Hollywood goes to the dentist

May 3rd, 2016


Recently, there has been the usual dental event at Schein in the Netherlands. It has been running successfully for over 30 years.

Every year, there has been a theme. Might be ‘Roman Times’ or ‘Winter Sports’, ‘The Jungle or ’Traditional Holland’.

The decor in the special marquis and around the Schein building would reflect the mood of the theme. Staff would dress up; even the food served would be of a special flavor.

In earlier days, some – only some – of the suppliers would make an effort to join the mood. I’d make sure American Eagle staff were among the few who made the effort to support the idea…

In recent years, the philosophy has changed. Instead of ‘coming just for fun – and good deals’, the focus has been more in education. Schein puts on some very good lectures, and this has been attracting perhaps less of the ‘very faithful’, and has brought in the new, younger clients, willing to learn.

But the idea of a them continues.

This years, it was ‘The Movies’, and that’s right up my street. For4 my parents were both actors. I was this time perhaps the only supplier to do something special. I had a roll-up individually produced..

Here I am in front of the banner, showing different images from my parents’ careers –


Hollywood goes to the dentist 1


In front of me, on the table, a book, a copy I produced, and a copy of which was given to every customer. It’s called ‘Visiting Hours’. It is not only a book that can be given to whomever you are visiting in a home or in a hospital, it actually reflects that theme: my father was Eric Pohlmann, who appeared in around 200 movies. (Check him out online. For instance, see his special connection wit the James Bond movies).

In the early 60’s, he spent some months in and out of hospitals. While there, he sketched the faces around him. Mostly patients, but also the doctors, nurses and visitors.

I put all the sketches into the book, plus a couple of others, and added the kind of words I think my father would have written, had he put his mind to it. We had the same sense of humour.


Hollywood goes to the dentist 2


No, you don’t have to buy the book (although I’m considering marketing it). Just go to, and you’ll find it there – plus the other books I have published.

And the Dental Event?

Thanks to the book, we got far more orders, we welcomed new customers, the management and staff appreciated the effort I’d made, and everyone was happy.


Smile – Support your dentist.