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Pre – IDS images

March 10th, 2015


It can be fun to arrive too early at an exhibition – especially the World’s largest, IDS in Köln, running 5 days from March 10-14.

First of all, unlike Chicago Midwinter 2 weeks ago, the weather has started out with the bluest of skies. The unexpected and unlikely high temperatures

caused the streets to be overfull with crowds, most of whom sweated in their heavy coats and jackets.

The Entrance to the Chocolate Museum – and two views of the Museum shop

Easter is close…

A typical IDS selfie

…But have you ever heard of a Mustard Museum? Cologne has one

Outside the skies really were blue….

But lunch was very red…

And while we were eating…

…strange happenings all around…

Crowds kept off the grass

We then fell in love again, walking the length of the Hohenzollern Bridge to be overwhelmed by the over 2 tons of love locks adorning every inch.

It is claimed that over 3,000 of the padlocks were placed there by dentists.

So we re-sealed our love in a romantic glass of grappa. What more can one ask….

Smile – Support your dentist.