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Different Dental Expos in Europe

April 4th, 2014


Having recently attended Chicago’s Midwinter meeting last month, I was reminded of the standard format in the USA – no entertaining on the stand (booth).

Most stands are small, a few – especially the toothpaste guys – are larger.

But try to get a coffee or a cola – or perhaps some snacks, and you’d be wasting your time.

I was at Dental Expo last week, the annual exhibition in the Netherlands (known as ‘Holland’ to some of you).

I have to say that the expo was a nice size. Not frighteningly large, but large enough for stands to display their products attractively and practically.

And there was plenty of ‘entertainment’. For example –

Ice cream for everyone

Background piano to make you buy more…

Not a fully-stocked bar, but beer, sparkling wine and cocktails were popular.

Here are the Multident and Schein stands…and there was a coffee bar that could drive away  (if the union reps appeared?)

This guy was rather large, but this the the Netherlands, and cycling is quite normal – but at a dental show?

This company had 2 of these very special bikes on display. Not sure they could be offered as a bonus such promotions have been banned lately in the country.

Also not sure how the Lamborghini brought more business, but they certainly took many photos of future playboys…(On another stand, 2 gorgeous ladies were modelling a Formula 2 – or perhaps Formula 1 – I’m no expert)

This was the stand opposite us, ready to welcome clients, nuts and all. And, last but certainly not least, American Express had green and gold-card-clad ladies walking the aisles. Not quite sure why they had the van on their stand, but they certainly were among the first to pack up at the end and drive away…

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