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Last Dental Tango in Paris

November 28th, 2013


The title is provocative….The ADF expo in Paris, held always at the end of November, is usually the last of the major exhibitions to be held in Europe in the year.

It is held at the Palais de Congrès at Porte Maillot, one of the last ‘of it’s kind’.

The old among you will surely remember trade shows held in venues full of corridors, side rooms, extra halls and on several floors.

In the States, hotels used to be popular venues, such as the Conrad Hilton in Chicago of the New York Hilton.

Now, theoretically, no exhibitor can complain that he has not been treated fairly; hals are as symmetrical as can be.

But here is Paris, it’s still the old system. Very little symmetry, 4 floors, some stands in strange corridors.

And don’t think there are no complaints; there ARE. But it won’t change anything. (Remember, France is one of the only ‘modern countries’ with no dental hygienists).

So why do I love this meeting? Well, this has been traditionally an ‘international’ show; here you meet those you want to meet – and some…

And why do they come to Paris? Because Paris is a great city. Take it from me, an Englishman.

You’ve seen all the classical views of Paris – thanks to Marlon Brando and Woody Allen. Here’s a few more images…of the La Défense area, where my hotel is located.

A ‘good view of Paris’ in partly possible because, in the city, there is only 1 skyscraper – in Montparnasse. By clever design and planning, the high office buildings etc. are all in La Défense, and that makes them magnificent. Intermingled among them are examples of fine art sculptures….

Thumbs up to the architects..

Paris at Christmas is lovely. I hope to see more before I leave again..

Paris at Christmas is lovely. I hope to see more before I leave again..

In the morning, the office workers arrive – hardly noticing La Grande Arche and the partial face..and when I catch the Metro – I am quite clearly ‘against the flow’.

Just a reminder that the fantastic ‘Grande Arche’ is a stunning office building, located in a straight line that divides Paris perfectly. First, you go past the Bois de Boulogne and the Ave. Neuilly, past Porte Maillot (and this expo), travelling along the Ave. de la Grande Armée to the Arc de Triomphe. The straight line continues along the Ave. Champs Elysées, past the famous Fouquet to the Place de la Concorde, with that special obelisk in the middle. Continuing along the Tuileries Gradens, you hit the Louvre in all its glory.

One straight line….

Only in Paris…

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The Cold British

November 26th, 2013

That’s what they say. But it’s not true, of course. Some of us are the warmest, those born in August.

But at the recent British dental trade show, one stand went quite far on the subject. Each morning, this company displayed a new and fresh ice sculpture, showing a healthy apple on an ice toothbrush, a combination of two things that are so good for the teeth. Slowly, steadily, through the day, the sculpture sank into itself. But in the meantime, many enjoyed the art – and happily bit into a lovely Granny Smith.

The next day, the original form was back. We were all very impressed.

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November 5th, 2013

It’s only 2 1/2 hours by Norwegian Air Shuttle from Oslo to Reykjavik, in Iceland. This economy flight enables me to visit my distant customer, Vidar Helgason, from Kj. Kjartansson, one of the leading dealers in the country.

Ideal timing, as they have their national exhibition this coming weekend. I am not able to attend, as it clashes with the expo in Finland. But Vidar will be well-prepared.

Nice little town, Reykjavik. Have a look…

Pretty-coloured roofs, dwarfed by snow-capped mountains and surrounded by the blue Atlantic. Cute, narrow streets, forcing the traffic to be slow-moving….leading down to  the shore.

Near the sea, the incredible convention centre, completed when I was last here – and when the country was still in the financial doldrums..

This is Hallgrimskirkja, Iceland’s largest church. Surprisingly, it did not grab the title of ‘cathedral’ from another structure. There’s a religious reason for that…

There is NO connection between the previous image and this, a sign outside the Phallological Museum. It is the only one of its kind in the World, they say. (Even Amsterdam has not yet protested to that claim).

And when was the last time you had whipped butter served on a stone. This the case in the Hilton’s rather nice hotel in town…

Norway also had their national exhibition this weekend…..

As usual, Thursday and Saturday were slow, and Friday, the attendance was terrific. This included the participants at the conference, held together with the trade show, with the flow of people in the aisles, the interest shown – and, for us the most important, the number and size of orders given.

Karina and Kim Steen, both with Technomedics, were very pleased with the results (especially the sales of my American Eagle Instruments)…

Norway remains a prosperous country, thanks to the efficient way the wealth from the oil- and gas-fields was controlled and distributed by the government rather than the private sector. No oligarchs and multi-billion dollar sheikhs in this part of the World. Just dentists and hygienists who can afford the time and effort to invest into quality treatment.

This is the new opera in town – a fantastic building…and this is the old cathedral…

Now to Legoland….