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Summer in Helsinki

August 29th, 2013

The temperature in Tel Aviv was 32C when I left the morning of August 14 . It was 17C and pouring when I landed in Helsinki.

“We had Summer in June and July”, the taxi driver explained.

The next day, I visited Hammasvaline, said to be the country’s largest dealer (Plandent may argue about that).

I was almost drenched just getting from the taxi to the building.

But by the time I had finished my sales presentation and had been invited to an excellent lunch at the company canteen, and was back in Helsinki city, Summer had returned, as the following pictures will show…

Some grand buildings in central Helsinki

This Nespresso-like display is actually shelves of glass candle-holders at the Iittala outlet.

In the port, two of the large Helsinki-Stockholm ferries are moored.

And the sweetest of peas are currently in season. Great for my diet.

Eat freshly-caught fish and other delicacies at the port – in full view of the magnificent Russian Orthodox church.

Every view of Helsinki Cathedral is special – especially with partly blue skies.

Fabulous floral displays – or just a quiet place to sit and smile.

Or drive quietly by the gentlest of chamber music along the Finnish capitals streets.

You have to visit – especially in Summer.

Smile – Support your dentist.

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