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World Heart Day

October 15th, 2012

Did you remember to celebrate World Heart Day, which this year was on September 30th?
It’s emphasis was on the women and children of this World. More is taken for granted about men’s lifestyle, often leading to heart problems. So the emphasis of World Heart Day is on the rest of society.

I happened to be s[ending that day with a lot of women – at the Dutch Dental Hygienist Conference in Maastricht.

Heart is fed by blood. Blood is red. Red is love. So red was the colour of the day.

Those wonderful Dutch ladies, plus of course the few males there, made a great effort to show solidarity with the foundation, wearing something if not a lot in red.

It was a warm day.

While we’re on the subject of those who keep our moths so clean, the following was presented by Earnest Albert Hooton, a Harvard Professor for Anthropology, as an intro to his address to the final year students at Forsyth Dental Hospital in July 1942)…

Ode To a Dental Hygienist

Hygienist in your dental chair
I sit without a single care,
Except when tickled by your hair.
I know that when you grab the drills,
I need not fear the pain that kills.

You merely make my molars clean
With pumice doped with wintergreen.
So I lean back in calm reflection,
With close up views of your complexion,
And taste the flavour of your thumbs
While you massage my flabby gums.

To me no woman can be smarter
Than she who scales away my tartar,
And none more fitted for my bride
Than one who knows me from inside.
At least as far as she has gotten
She sees how much of me is rotten.

And while we’re on the subject of dentistry and red, the Swedes among you, and many more besides, will know Sverker Toreskog, This great Swedish dentist, orator, entertainer and gatherer of warm hugs, recently celebrated his 75th birthday, and was wined and dined by some of his colleagues. Sverker always wears something red.

His glasses are red.

At the birthday celebrations, again, like the hygienists, everyone wore red…

Red is love…

Smile – Promote your dentist.

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