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Europerio 7

June 6th, 2012

EuroPerio7, currently taking place in Vienna, has unquestionably become the World’s leading forum for the periodontist, implantologist and hygienist (therapists, ZMPs, ZMFs etc – I am aware that there are any definitions of that so-important person who ‘keeps the oral cavity clean’).

That’s why I came a day early to visit the culture of Slovakia…

For those of you who do not know, Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava, is just down the river from Vienna. Literally. Jump on a sleek catamaran, and in 75 minutes of Danube views, you arrive. You start at Vienna’s Schwedenplatz, just meters from the famous St. Stephen’s Cathedral. (I was named after it). And just meters from the HQ of OPEC, where, many years ago, Sheikh Yamani and his colleagues were held hostage by terrorists.

Take some photos, chat to the other tourists and before you know it, the green banks of this lovely river transform into the two famous views of Bratislava: on the left, the quaint and the real city. On the right, the ugliness of Communist architecture (sorry, no pictures – allowed, yes, but not taken). Today, that quarter provides cheap and convenient homes for the enormous student population. So there’s a reason for everything.

The famous ‘Urania’ as we leave Vienna

The Danube – and Nature

The computerised cyber monorail system

iPad caught this worker ‘in the act’

Bratislava has a long history, frequently dotted with the Hapsburg family, Marie-Therese, Franz-Josef and that crowd. Yet it is one of the newest capitals in the World, only established when the Slovak and Czech republics separated in the wonderful ‘Velvet Revolution’.

Bratislava’s lovely lanes

and skyline

And as you may recall, I love glass. So I HAD to visit the Nova Gallery, located directly next to the famous Michael’s Gate. There, 1-man show featured works by Oliver Leššo. He was a student of Václav Cigler, the father of Slovak glass art. Go to Google; look them up.

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