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Einstein had Teeth

April 16th, 2012

Happy Passover and Easter to everyone. I am sure I am missing someone’s celebration there – for which I now humbly apologise. To even things out, let’s add my granddaughter’s first birthday, which this year fell on the first day of Passover and Good Friday…Her name is Naya –

Last week, just before Passover, I visited the dental department at Jerusalem’s Haddasah Hospital and University. They have a display of some lovely old dental surgeries there – and many old dental artefacts. But for me, the gem was this display.

The letter says the following:

“December 10th, 1953

To Dr. Bernard E. Gruber, President Alpha Omega Fraternity in New York:

Dear Dr. Gruber, It is undeniable that to contribute to the health of the nation is one of the best services we can render to our Israeli brethren. An indispensable factor is a well-developed dental profession, and we have therefore to be grateful that the Alpha Omega Fraternity has taken the initiative to make possible the establishment of a Dental School at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. I hope that this endeavout will find wide attention and support.

With my best wishes,

Albert Einstein”

And next to the letter, a set of Einstein’s dental models , dated November 14th, 1945. As he was born in 1879, that puts his age at the time the impressions were taken at around 66. Not bad condition, relatively speaking, of course.

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