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Iceland Still has Teeth

May 27th, 2011

On one of my many recent trips to Iceland (slight exaggeration), I had the pleasure of having a ‘Lobster House’ evening with all of the local full-time dental hygienists.

Their names, you demand….Well let me see..

There’s – from the left Kristrún, Guðrún, Guðrún, Dóa, Petra, Hulda, Sólveig.

Those are their first names. In Iceland, 2nd names are for addresses, documents, and not much else. (And as you may know, the family names really are just that. The boys are Ericsson and Thomasson etc., and the girls are Ericdottir and Thomasdottir.

Following the horror of the volcano last year (the smoke of which had a worse effect on Europe that on Iceland, from which the winds were blowing it), Iceland does seem to be getting back on its feet. The patients are visiting again….

Saw some really lovely surgeries, such as the one run by Dr. Sigurjon Arnlaugsson. (See? His father is Arnlaug). This is an image of his duplex offices….

There was quality art in all the surgeries I visited.

My English friends asked me to bring back some of the money they’d lost in the Icelandic bank crisis a couple of years back. They’d have been pretty ‘peeved’ if they’d witnessed the official opening last week of the Reykjavik Opera House, of which any major city would be proud. Just have a look at this place…

Yes, the official opening was last week, and yes, this is the scene of the surrounding area. Well, there are 300,000 Icelanders, and at least half of them live in the capital city. Most of those I saw did not appear to me to be the most fanatic of opera lovers. So I am slightly pessimistic at this structure’s prospects, and apprehensive at its chances of helping repayment of my friends’ debts.

But wait! There was a part of my trip which had absolutely nothing to do with dentistry. How can one visit this place without some sightseeing? For there are sights to be experienced which really are quite special. For instance, the Blue Lagoon:

Warm mineral waters, where one’s skin’s imperfections magically disappear. (Admittedly, while floating in the odorous confines, I met an Irish lady who was fervently Republican, almost frantic at the £43 million spent on the royal wedding. Silly girl….

Then we saw some spouting geysirs. The ‘old’ one has fizzled out. For some years, they tried pouring soap down it, but that only caused bubbles instead of steam. The bursts of energy occur around every 5 minutes. Just have to be patient and vigilant….

The magnificent waterfalls….

And the stunning volcanic crater – I could have sat there for hours….

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